Bella liquid detergent




We produce multi -purpose liquid detergents

Liquid wash detergent
Bella Liquid Detergent is a product is bleach free, color friendly option, which enhances the fabric's color with every wash intend of fading them.
Bella Liquid Detergent is a triple enzyme gentle stain removal formulation with synergetic blend of powerful organic detergent & a gentle moisturizer to protect your hands & fabric. It is a power detergent without any bleach. Specially designed for top load washing machines & manual washing. Very safe on cloth and hands. It leaves long lasting fragrance & softness too.
Liquid dish wash detergent
Bella Dish Wash Gel is a concentrated formulation to make washing dishes a happy event every time. It dissolves the grease, oil and the stubborn stains of milk boiling. Bella Dish Wash Gel has the power of Citric that will leave sparkling vessels without any white spots or specks.
Bella Dish Wash Gel has a natural moisturizer to take care of your hands. Bella Dish Wash Gel comes out with a germicide formulation to kill and disinfect your vessels every time.
liquid hand wash detergent
Bella Hand Wash Gel is a powerful blend or detergents, to clean your hands free of oil, dust and dirt. It comes out with a powerful germicide to remove all germs and infecting bacteria.
Bella Hand Wash Gel has a strong deodorant to remove all unwanted smell from your hands and leaves a pleasant, fresh and rejuvenating odour. It also has moisturizer to take care of your skin.
and much more
For quicker and effective cleaning power, choose Bella! Bella liquid hand wash also retains more than 30% of the skin’s natural moisture and thus liquid soap is good for dry skin too.
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