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About Bella liquid detergent

Bella Liquid detergent is a soap and detergent producer and supplier which supply quality liquid soap. To maintain the position, Bella Liquid detergent has become respectable and well-known brand.
Bella Liquid detergent will be established by two members dated on 2/09/2008 E.C. each member will contribute 5000.00 Br. The minimum funding capital for the company is 10,000.00 Br which will be easily covered in Bella cloth wash detergent. Nowadays the company's capital has grown to 100,000.00.

Our mission

To manufacture good quality products at a reasonable price and create firm relationships with our clients and the community. Part of the mission is also becoming more profitable in the coming 1 year and take possession of a decent market share of Addis Abeba. One in the main targets is staying as ... Read more

Our vision

Our vision is to create a better hygienic everyday life for people and to become a well known and respected quality brand which is associated with quality soap and detergent, efficient service and a company that owns high standards of social ... Read more