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Bella Liquid detergent business idea is to create a niche market of the quality soap and detergent. The industry of soap and detergent sales is the bigger completive business. To become successful will be achieved by having a more efficient production chain, higher quality and by supporting and keeping social responsibilities towards customers and employees.
The soap is going to be healthy; Bella cloth wash detergent will buy the raw materials directly from importer's, which will guarantee the quality. The packaging will be environmentally friendly. Thus these factors are connected to social responsibility and the entrepreneurship and support sustainability.

Why Bella?


We deliver best quality liquid detergent


Our products are affordable in terms of price


We offer Excellent service


We produce multi -purpose liquid detergents

The company's priority is to achieve a business which is oriented on the legal system Ethiopia and especially in Addis Abeba. Furthermore a positive working atmosphere is a main point in the company and teamwork as well as motivation is the important aspects the company is focusing on. Only with confident employees it is possible to fulfill the wishes of the customers and to build up a successful business. Also responsibility towards environment is considered. Support this view one of the main values is to bring sustainable profit to Partners, because after all Bell cloth wash detergent is about business and making profit.
Our Target
When it comes to selling soaps and detergents, there is indeed a wide range of available customers. In essence, our target market can't be restricted to just a group of people or organization, but all those who resides in our target market locations.
In view of that, we have conducted our market research and we have ideas of what our target market would be expecting from us. We are in business to engage in the production and wholesale distribution of soaps and detergents to the following groups of organizations;  Read more
Our Objective
It is of a high importance to know about the objectives and strategy, the company is going to build up a business in Addis Abeba. The company's plan is to make use of the uniqueness in their market, because there is comparable company existing people take care on their comfort and try to consume more quality products.That company will focus on the people in Addis Abeba Bella cloth wash detergent attention on the following aspects of the target market objectives like the customers and the purchase. Furthermore the promotional objectives as for example the level of brand awareness, product trails(sales promotion, products demonstrations) and the sales force is quite significance.
We are certified from Ethiopian Conformity Assessment Enterprise
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